Business Risks index (alphabetical)

ANALOGY: Human death that occurs under certain situations is investigated by a competently trained medical specialist. Franchises that do not achieve financial health can be studied in a similar manner. WikiFranchise's risk indexing system suggests franchised and non-franchised business do not have similar risk profiles at all. The majority occur during the relationship when the danger is difficult to remedy.

  1. $50,000 Ontario Appeal award for one franchisee's pain and suffering
  2. 1,001 ways to make your life miserable
  3. 1/3 franchises do well, 1/3 break even & 1/3 lose money
  4. 100 per cent of settlements have gag orders
  5. 101 ways to terminate a contract
  6. 1st generation of investors knowingly sacrificed
  7. 2 per cent of valid claims make it to Trial
  8. 30 different programs of kickbacks, shelf allowances and inside money
  9. 44 charges of professional misconduct
  10. 75 per cent of new franchise systems die within 10 years
  11. 80 per cent of food distributed by 2 vertically-integrated groups of companies in Ontario, Canada
  12. 95 per cent of legal fees are paid by franchisors
  13. A man in debt is so far a slave
  14. Able to finance and sell negative cash flow franchise on crooked appraisals
  15. Abolish the FTC Rule
  16. Abuse of business, regulatory & political authority can destroy people
  17. Abusive relationships of all kinds affects people deeply
  18. Academic research
  19. Academic scorn
  20. Accept the new contract or you're terminated
  21. Access to justice
  22. Accounting fraud
  23. Accounting, creative
  24. Activism over the internet
  25. Activists
  26. Ad hominem attack
  27. Advance-fee fraud
  28. Advertising fund buys franchisor’s assets
  29. Advertising fund paid to executives
  30. Advertising fund put into general franchisor's coffers
  31. Advertising fund use disagreements
  32. Advertorial
  33. Advice from franchise lawyer only
  34. Affinity fraud
  35. Affordable, early and non-legal dispute resolution mechanism
  36. Afraid to talk
  37. Agree with proposed law or you get nothing
  38. Air of desperation
  39. Alberta Franchise Act, Canada
  40. Alcoholism
  41. Alien Tort Claims Act
  42. Alpha Male attorney
  43. Alternate dispute resolution, ADR
  44. American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, AAFD
  45. American Bar Association, Forum on Franchising
  46. American Dream
  47. American Franchisee Association, AFA
  48. Anchoring and adjustment heuristic sometimes leads to very bad decisions
  49. Anchoring and adjustment heuristic sometimes leads to very bad decisions
  50. Andrei Oudovikine
  51. Anger
  52. Anonymous: leaderless on-line resistance subculture
  53. Antitrust violations
  54. Any pretence will do
  55. Apologists
  56. Appearance of government oversight
  57. Appraisals grotesquely inflated
  58. Appraisals, highest one chosen by lender
  59. Appraiser and lender has cozy, repeat-business relationship
  60. Appropriate franchise law
  61. Arbitrate or litigate?: Franchisors will do what is in their best interests
  62. Arbitration award overturned
  63. Arbitration conceals facts from public
  64. Arbitration decision can't be appealed
  65. Arbitration firms have repeat business from franchisors
  66. Arbitration is a private law that is much more influenced by money
  67. Arbitration, heavy upfront fees
  68. Arbitration, mandatory and binding
  69. Arbitration, transparent
  70. Architectural conservation
  71. Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, Canada
  72. Arthur Wishart Amendment Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2010, Canada
  73. Ask an experienced copper, regional banker or general lawyer what they think of franchising
  74. Asking the fox if the henhouse is safe
  75. Assault
  76. Asset appraisals inflated
  77. Asset-based lending
  78. Assets put in spouse's name
  79. Assets sold for fraction of cost or value
  80. Assuming a busy store is a profitable store can be very dangerous
  81. Attempt to pull down website/weblog/wiki
  82. Attempts to rehabilitate image
  83. Attorney seeds the destruction of his own client's case
  84. Australia Franchise Act
  85. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, ACCC
  86. Australian state franchise legislation, 2010
  87. Authority and credibility of the state used to favor a specific corporation
  88. Auto dealers did not help strengthen general franchise law
  89. Award-winning franchisees
  90. Awareness
  91. Bad faith and unfair dealings
  92. Badge of Authority persuasive technique
  93. Bailiff throws equipment and supplies in street
  94. Bait advertising
  95. Ban corporate and union political donations
  96. Ban disclosure requirements as they give investors a false sense of security
  97. Ban fast food toys
  98. Ban gag orders
  99. Ban junk food
  100. Ban mandatory arbitration in franchise contracts
  101. Ban waivers of legal rights
  102. Bandwagon effect
  103. Bank account access by franchisor
  104. Bank Act, Canada
  105. Bank alerts franchisor of problem franchisee
  106. Bank allows franchisor to take money from franchisee's account over the lending agreement limit
  107. Bank calls in debt
  108. Bank card skimming fraud
  109. Bank CEO's pay
  110. Bank fails to inform Privacy Commission of breach
  111. Bank fraud
  112. Bank has a higher standing as creditor than fraud victims
  113. Bank of Montreal, BMO
  114. Bank of Nova Scotia, Scotiabank
  115. Bank pays franchisor with franchisee's funds
  116. Bank presents offer with material facts missing
  117. Bank refuses to provide mandatory documents
  118. Bank renegotiates loan with greater personal guarantees than allowed by law
  119. Bank stock price seemingly impervious to scandal
  120. Bank sues person they gave documents to
  121. Bank sues person who reported privacy violations
  122. Bank violates federal privacy laws
  123. Bank won't finance deal because they know something you don't
  124. Banker says franchised is less risky than independent business
  125. Bankrupt is bankrupt whether you put $1 or $1 million in at first
  126. Bankruptcies, several
  127. Bankruptcy
  128. Bankruptcy lawyer going bankrupt
  129. Bankruptcy was inevitable the moment the contract was signed
  130. Bankruptcy, both franchisee and spouse
  131. Bankruptcy, first the company and then you personally
  132. Banks
  133. Banks allegedly mastermind fraud
  134. Banks are industry cheerleaders
  135. Banks as fraud victim
  136. Banks collude
  137. Bar associations
  138. the straight goods on food safety
  139. Bargaining
  140. Basic legal standards inapplicable to franchisees
  141. Be your own boss
  142. Beggars can't be choosers: take what you're given and shut up
  143. Believe and Succeed mantra
  144. Bernard Madoff-type scheme
  145. Best to leave the country for awhile
  146. Betrayal
  147. Beyond the Tipping Point
  148. Bias: Fundamental attribution error (overvalue personality versus situation)
  149. Bias: Illusory superiority (overestimate positive and underestimate negative traits)
  150. Big Auto
  151. Big Franchising
  152. Big Grocery
  153. Big Grocery's food safety record
  154. Big Oil
  155. Big Pharma
  156. Big Tobacco
  157. Blackmail
  158. Blame the victim (Just-world effect)
  159. Blame themselves
  160. Blocking for the industry
  161. Blogs
  162. Blogs: most effective means to justice
  163. Blue chip
  164. Bob “Bhupinder” Baber
  165. Bootstrapping the assets of a corporation
  166. Boycott
  167. Boycott jurisdiction that has pro-franchisee policies
  168. Brand backlash: franchisees suffer because brand owners screw up
  169. Branding mumbo jumbo
  170. Breach of contract
  171. Breach of duty
  172. Breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  173. Breach of trust
  174. Bribery
  175. British Franchise Association, BFA
  176. Broken relationships, ruined lives and alienated children
  177. Build up the business so they can take it
  178. Bullshit baffles brains
  179. Bullying
  180. Business Development Bank of Canada, BDC
  181. Business model had never created adequate investor returns
  182. Buy local products
  183. Buying a job
  184. Buying an existing outlet even riskier than a new one
  185. Buying co-operatives
  186. Buying efficiencies never make it to franchisees
  187. Call for a public enquiry
  188. Call for franchise law
  189. Call for state to investigate their undue influence
  190. Call to investigate refusal to enforce their code of ethics
  191. Can’t sue
  192. Can’t talk to media
  193. Canada Small Business Financing Act
  194. Canada Small Business Financing program
  195. Canada: An unwise place to invest
  196. Canada: An unwise place to invest
  197. Canada: white-collar crime haven
  198. Canada-U.S. relations
  199. Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators, CAFO
  200. Canadian Broadcasting System, CBC
  201. Canadian competition rules a farce
  202. Canadian Franchise Association, CFA
  203. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC
  204. Canadian securities regulation weakest link into North American capital markets
  205. Cancer
  206. Cannibalization of sales
  207. Cannon fodder
  208. Can't afford to sue
  209. Can't buy local producers' products
  210. Can't buy lower priced products
  211. Can't collect on court decision
  212. Can't sue: must arbitrate as defined by franchisor
  213. Can't talk to politicians
  214. Career Limiting Move, CLM
  215. Casinos used to launder money
  216. Catastrophic sales decline
  217. Cat's-paw: being used unwittingly to do another’s bidding
  218. Caveat emptor canard
  219. Celebrity endorsement
  220. Central commissary
  221. Centralized order taking system problems
  222. CEO pay package
  223. Change in store format
  224. Changes in established franchisor policy results in termination
  225. Chapter 11
  226. Character assassination
  227. Charade of public consultations
  228. Charity without hustling customers and franchisees
  229. Check kiting
  230. Chief Counsel, IFA
  231. Child labour
  232. Childhood obesity
  233. Churning (serial reselling)
  234. Civil actions are never heard before a jury in Canada
  235. Civil service refuses to answer request for information
  236. Class action lawsuits are an unproven form of remedy
  237. Class action lawsuits benefit lawyers, not franchisees
  238. Class action lawsuits forbidden in contract but allowed by Courts
  239. Class action only as good as the lawyers involved
  240. Class-action dead end
  241. Class-action lawsuits: lawyers take majority of risks & spoils
  242. Clinical depression
  243. Close store if staff unionizes
  244. Close ties: IFA & CFA
  245. Co-branding
  246. Co-branding forces untried/loser business model onto existing franchisees
  247. Co-branding promise works out for franchisors
  248. Co-branding: hitching future to a dying star?
  249. Code of ethics, a joke
  250. Code of ethics, almost never enforced
  251. Coerced waiver of jury trial
  252. Coerced waiver of legal rights, self
  253. Coerced waiver of legal rights, self & descendants
  254. Coerced waiver of punitive damages
  255. Cognitive Dissonance: stress caused by holding 2 contradictory opinions at 1 time
  256. Cognitive fluency: what is seen simpler, is perceived to be more true
  257. Collaborators
  258. Collective bargaining
  259. Collective bargaining used in franchise agreements
  260. Comedy
  261. Comments on article are interesting
  262. Commercially reasonable exercise of discretion
  263. Commission with investigation, publication and enforcement powers
  264. Communities ban franchises
  265. Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act, CCAA
  266. Company man
  267. Company-owned stores given preferential treatment
  268. Competence
  269. Competition Act, Canada
  270. Competition Bureau
  271. Competition rulings
  272. Complaint letter to franchisor's trade association
  273. Concept is a fad
  274. Confidence by the public is a necessity for any commercial activity
  275. Confidence game
  276. Confidence in judiciary eroded
  277. Confidentiality agreements masks opportunism
  278. Confidentiality provisions help all parties except the majority of franchise investors
  279. Conflict of interest
  280. Conflict of interest, trustee/consultant
  281. Congressional Hearings, United States, 1997
  282. Conspiracy
  283. Conspiracy to commit fraud
  284. Conspiracy to market and sell a doomed to failure franchise
  285. Conspiracy to use unlawful means
  286. Contempt for democracy
  287. Contempt for the law
  288. Contempt of court
  289. Contingency fees
  290. Contracts across systems are virtually the same
  291. Contracts seen as unenforceable or void
  292. Controlling, trapping or defeating the franchisee
  293. Converted managers into franchisees
  294. Convicted felon
  295. Convicted fraud artist
  296. Convicted of spousal assault
  297. Cooperative business model
  298. Cooperative purchases by franchisees
  299. Cooperatively owned franchise system
  300. Corporate governance
  301. Corporate stores competing with franchisees
  302. Corporate stores get better deal than franchisees
  303. Corruption
  304. Cost of doing business
  305. Cost-benefit analysis
  306. Costs of scandals
  307. Counterfeiting
  308. Coupon programs (forced) destroy franchisee margins
  309. Courage
  310. Court decision favorable to franchisees
  311. Court decision never covers all franchisee's loses
  312. Courts extremely picky about shoddy disclosure practices
  313. Courts misunderstand relationship
  314. Courts refuse to renegotiate any business deals
  315. Credence good
  316. Credence good fraudulent expert
  317. Credence goods: taking advantage of the innocents
  318. Credibility
  319. Credit card fraud
  320. Credit note system
  321. Crime enabled by solicitor:client privilege
  322. Criminal charges
  323. Criminal interest rates
  324. Cross-default provisions (lose one store, you lose them all)
  325. Crown corporation
  326. Cruellest lies are often told in silence
  327. Cult-like activities
  328. Culture means much more than $ to some people
  329. Cultural louts
  330. Current franchisees can’t talk freely
  331. Customer list control moves from franchisee to franchisor
  332. Cyber-bullying
  333. Danger to self or others
  334. Darrell Donafon
  335. Dave Michael & Tony Fammartino
  336. David and Goliath story
  337. Deadbeat systems exported oversees to the unsuspecting
  338. Deanne de Leeuw
  339. Death
  340. Death threats
  341. Death wish
  342. Death-spiral financing
  343. Deborah Williams & Richard Welshans
  344. Debt is nullified
  345. Debt traps
  346. Deceit
  347. Deceptive business practices
  348. Deceptive marketing practices
  349. Deemed reliance
  350. Definition of what is a franchise is very broad
  351. Defrauded more than once
  352. Defrauding the public
  353. Dehumanization
  354. Delaware-based corporation
  355. Delay costs economy millions and millions
  356. Delay delivery to price fix
  357. Delusional or magical thinking
  358. Democracy: 4 wolves and 1 sheep decide what's for dinner
  359. Denied expansion for inappropriate reasons
  360. Deny expansion because of media, political or association involvement
  361. Deposit money not refunded
  362. Designed to fail as franchise investment
  363. Desperate to sell any franchise for any price
  364. Detrimental reliance
  365. Development agents really just mini-franchisors
  366. Development deal collapses before risk shifted from initial investors to sub franchisees
  367. Development deal hyperbole
  368. Dickhead franchisees
  369. Difference between appraised and market value equipment and leaseholds funds fraud
  370. Different deals for different dealers
  371. Difficult to trust again
  372. Difficulty in maintaining long-term relationships
  373. Digital advocacy
  374. Dire warnings unsubstantiated with data
  375. Disabled veteran
  376. Disbarred
  377. Disclosure document certificate
  378. Disclosure document is deficient
  379. Disclosure document is so deficient it is ruled no disclosure
  380. Disclosure document must be registered and valid
  381. Disclosure document must disclose all material facts
  382. Disclosure document must include third party contracts (suppliers)
  383. Disclosure document: best franchisor selling tool
  384. Disclosure document: one, bound and delivered at the same time
  385. Disclosure documents never given
  386. Disclosure documents not given within proper timeframe
  387. Disclosure laws do not reduce fraud
  388. Disclosure laws: 10 per cent solution
  389. Disclosure laws: false sense of security
  390. Discount programs destroy retail margins but boost wholesale profits
  391. Discrimination
  392. Disgraced attorney
  393. Disgruntled
  394. Dispute resolution
  395. Dispute resolution means franchisee goes broke
  396. Disputes heard on franchisor’s home turf
  397. Dissent
  398. Divide and conquer
  399. Divorce
  400. Do the old franchisees get the same deal as the new ones?
  401. Do what we say or we'll sue you
  402. Documents changed without authorization
  403. Dog and Pony show
  404. Don’t buy any franchise?
  405. Don’t owe your lawyer money
  406. Don't owe your franchisor money, ever
  407. Don't use a brand name franchise lawyer
  408. "Down-and-dirty CCAA"
  409. Drive them out of business
  410. Drive-thru
  411. Drop the lawsuit and we’ll give you what you want
  412. Drug distribution
  413. Due diligence
  414. Due diligence cannot predict or prevent post-sale franchisor opportunism losses
  415. Due diligence cannot stop a predatory franchisor in the future
  416. Due diligence is irrelevant
  417. Duty of care
  418. Duty of utmost good faith
  419. Duty to maintain a safe workplace
  420. Duty to Sovereign
  421. E. coli
  422. Earnings claim made
  423. Easy credit fuels worthless system sales
  424. Easy to sell around a disclosure document
  425. Economics
  426. Economics of monopoly (not free market)
  427. Economies of scale promise
  428. Edgar Allan Poe
  429. Emails, unauthorized sent to franchisees
  430. Emails, unauthorized sent to suppliers
  431. Embezzlement
  432. Emboldens industry bottom-feeders
  433. Emotional collapse
  434. Employee payments threatened
  435. Employee retaliates against food manufacturer by tampering with retail food products
  436. Employee retirement funds evaporate
  437. Employees misclassified as franchisees or independent contractors
  438. Encroachment (too many outlets put in territory)
  439. Encroachment, internet
  440. Endorsed mediation program, in 5 years used zero times
  441. Enron-like scandals
  442. Entire agreement clauses
  443. Envy
  444. Epiphany
  445. Evergreen renewals
  446. Everything’s got a crack in it: that's where the light comes in
  447. Eviction cheaper and faster than termination
  448. Evidence in court proceedings is destroyed
  449. Evil: the exercise of power to intentionally harm people
  450. Evils of the system defined in 1971 (Grange Report)
  451. Exclusive territory endangered
  452. Excuse du jour
  453. Excuse du jour, tight credit
  454. Executives create their own golden parachute
  455. Exempt from Ontario franchise law obligations
  456. Expand with another store across the street or we’ll sell to new franchisee
  457. Expands too quickly
  458. Exponential increase in franchise bar services ($ and influence)
  459. Expropriation without compensation
  460. Externalities: cheap business decision when someone else pays
  461. Extortion
  462. Extreme losses call for extreme remedies
  463. F.T.C. Public Comments, United States, 1997
  464. Faggot
  465. Fair dealings: treat assets as if they were their own
  466. False assumptions, multiple
  467. False earnings claims
  468. False hope
  469. False sense of security: doing pre-sale due diligence
  470. False success claims
  471. Family donates labor to keep franchise going
  472. Farce
  473. Fast food is addictive
  474. Fat tax: raising the cost of bad food choices
  475. Fear mongering
  476. Fear mongering to clients increases industry fee market
  477. Fear of bankruptcy delays the hard decisions
  478. Fear, distrust, hate and contempt
  479. Federal insolvency laws used to shirk legal claims
  480. Fee reduction always has a catch
  481. Fee surprises at settlement time
  482. Feeble enforcement and prosecution
  483. Fell in love with the concept as a consumer, bought the franchise
  484. Feudal relationships
  485. Few barriers to entry
  486. Fiduciary duty
  487. Financial failure of first franchisee a material fact to the second
  488. Financing with 401k money is totally reckless
  489. Fine young cannibal
  490. First we kill the lawyers…
  491. Fixing sporting events
  492. Follow the money: franchising re-distributes (not creates) wealth
  493. Food criticism
  494. Food poisoning causing injury or death
  495. Food pulled from retail shelf (health hazard)
  496. Food safety
  497. Food supply security concerns
  498. Food tampering
  499. Food trucks
  500. Forced couponing
  501. Forced onto public assistance
  502. Forced ordering
  503. Forced to invest in unproven concept
  504. Forced to sell
  505. Forced to spend on renovations
  506. Forgiveness
  507. Forensic accounting
  508. Forgery
  509. Formal parliamentary public hearings
  510. Fox to guard the henhouse (self-regulation)
  511. Framing: people tend to reach conclusions based on the 'framework' of a situation
  512. FranchiseFool
  513. Franchise agreements are so complex, they are breached the moment they're signed
  514. Franchise agreements create a License to Lie, Cheat & Steal
  515. Franchise agreements virtually non-negotiable
  516. Franchise agreements: Masterpieces of deceptive wording and artful omission
  517. Franchise banker
  518. Franchise bar dream client
  519. Franchise bar provides plausible reasons
  520. Franchise bubble will crash much harder (non-franchised)
  521. Franchise business model perfectly suited to enable massive fraud
  522. Franchise consultant
  523. Franchise Commissioner
  524. Franchise consultant goes AWOL
  525. Franchise Council of Australia, FCA
  526. Franchise investors deprived of information
  527. Franchise law being ignored
  528. Franchise laws protect franchisors, not franchisees
  529. Franchise relationship sticks franchisee with legal liability
  530. Franchise Sector Working Team
  531. Franchise show
  532. Franchised store converted to corporate store
  533. Franchisee abandons their investment
  534. Franchisee advisory group (lap-dog)
  535. Franchisee gets cents, franchisor many $
  536. Franchisee is pawn in massive fraud
  537. Franchisee leader
  538. Franchisee repudiates loan
  539. Franchisee revolt
  540. Franchisee, independent contractor or employee?
  541. Franchisee-on-franchisee opportunism
  542. Franchisees accused of lying
  543. Franchisees are frequently the canary in the fraud mine
  544. Franchisees are practice clients that help keep the lights on until franchisor clients show up
  545. Franchisees are pawns in insolvency flip
  546. Franchisees buy franchise system
  547. Franchisees covered under consumer protection laws
  548. Franchisees dragged into complex legal dispute their franchisor created
  549. Franchisees' equity destroyed in unrelated part of trademark system
  550. Franchisees have no say on new brand
  551. Franchisees invited to switch to competitor's brand
  552. Franchisees more willing to speak up
  553. Franchisees move to buy system
  554. Franchisees not the only ones at risk
  555. Franchisees' law firm advertises it serves only franchisors
  556. Franchisees' spouses speak very powerfully
  557. Franchisees viewed as children
  558. Franchisees viewed as employees
  559. Franchisees who appear to have lost their mind
  560. Franchisees who are related to franchisor have advantage
  561. Franchises aren’t selling
  562. Franchises sold hard directly to those who have just lost their job
  563. Franchising a crown corporation
  564. Franchising is much more profitable to head offices than corporate stores
  565. Franchising is the most lucrative form of commercial lending
  566. Franchising Opportunism paper
  567. Franchising practiced the same, worldwide
  568. Franchisor abandonment
  569. Franchisor association not trusted by franchisees
  570. Franchisor association not trusted by politicians
  571. Franchisor association not trusted by professional journalists
  572. Franchisor association public relations machine
  573. Franchisor association still maintains fiction of representing franchisees
  574. Franchisor bankruptcy
  575. Franchisor cash flow cut by franchisees acting as one
  576. Franchisor cashs out
  577. Franchisor changes personal names
  578. Franchisor chooses to do nothing when told of investor losses
  579. Franchisor controls both wholesale costs and retail prices
  580. Franchisor controls retail prices
  581. Franchisor corporation created to fail
  582. Franchisor corporations designed to keep franchisee fees but shirk liabilities
  583. Franchisor cuts off supplies
  584. Franchisor defaulting on their debt
  585. Franchisor fails and consumers lose millions
  586. Franchisor financing: faster in, out & resold (serial bankrupts)
  587. Franchisor guarantees franchisee debt
  588. Franchisor has right to buy outlet before anyone else
  589. Franchisor held personally liable
  590. Franchisor in hiding
  591. Franchisor insolvency
  592. Franchisor insolvency, intentional
  593. Franchisor is wholesaler and retailer
  594. Franchisor keeps best sites for corporate stores
  595. Franchisor keeps best sites for corporate stores
  596. Franchisor knew they were selling money losing concepts
  597. Franchisor must approve new buyer
  598. Franchisor negligent in not protecting tradename
  599. Franchisor offers to help its franchisees go independent
  600. Franchisor overcharges for required products
  601. Franchisor owns more than one system (subsidizes dog from cash cow)
  602. Franchisor picks up stores for a song
  603. Franchisor refuses to negotiate
  604. Franchisor refuses to return franchisees' calls
  605. Franchisor responsible for a safe workplace
  606. Franchisor sells out
  607. Franchisor sells to competitor
  608. Franchisor sues candidate franchisee for not taking store
  609. Franchisor takes back high-volume store
  610. Franchisor takes franchisee store, gives to relative
  611. Franchisor takes franchisee store, resells to new dealer
  612. Franchisor takes franchisee stores
  613. Franchisor takes store and converts to corporate
  614. Franchisor trade association confirms franchisor opportunism is appropriate
  615. Franchisor tries to break franchisee association "union"
  616. Franchisor tries to take store without legal authority to do so
  617. Franchisor was once a franchisee
  618. Franchisor will appeal decision to gain time
  619. Franchisor withholds rent
  620. Franchisor's associate
  621. Franchisors push for weak national franchise law
  622. Franchisors want the minimum regulation they can get away with
  623. FranWhack: a system that is not investment-worthy
  624. Fraud
  625. Fraud financed by rigged appraisals used equipment & leaseholds
  626. Fraud is widespread
  627. Fraud mushrooms when regulation is dropped
  628. Fraud on the public purse
  629. Fraud victims changed deeply and often not for the better
  630. Fraud victims many times do not step forward
  631. Fraud, renovation
  632. Fraudster accountant
  633. Fraudster banker
  634. Fraudster broker
  635. Fraudster finance expert
  636. Fraudster franchisor
  637. Fraudster lawyer
  638. Fraudster real estate
  639. Fraudulent conversion
  640. Fraudulent conveyance
  641. Fraudulent inducement
  642. Fraudulent misrepresentation
  643. Fraudulent non-disclosure
  644. Fraudulently selling fraud insurance
  645. Free academic materials
  646. Free riding
  647. Freedom of information legislation
  648. Freedom of religion
  649. Freedom of speech
  650. Free-fall in fast-food industry worth
  651. Frenzied lobbying
  652. Fugitive from justice
  653. Fundamental human rights inconsistent with industry practice
  654. Funding for advocacy groups if you toe the line
  655. Futility of taking legal action
  656. Gag order (confidentiality agreement)
  657. Gag order muzzles self & descendants
  658. Gag order used to conceal criminal wrongdoing
  659. Gag order, court-mandated
  660. Gambling
  661. Gangland-style execution
  662. Gender discrimination
  663. Gender identity
  664. General counsel
  665. General disclosure worse than no disclosure
  666. Get promises in writing
  667. Good faith + fair dealings = false hope
  668. Good faith, fair dealing
  669. Good faith, fair dealing implied in United States law
  670. Good money after bad
  671. Gosh, we've never heard of that problem
  672. Gouging on supplies
  673. Government as system’s ultimate liar
  674. Government corruption
  675. Government guaranteed loan approved extremely quickly
  676. Government guaranteed loan disbursed before disclosure document seen
  677. Government guaranteed loan disbursed before franchise agreement seen
  678. Government guaranteed loan filled out by sales agent
  679. Government guaranteed loan made without proper security
  680. Government guaranteed loan misapplied
  681. Government guaranteed loan program very attractive to fraud
  682. Government guaranteed loans
  683. Government guaranteed loans used a great deal in franchising
  684. Government guaranteed loans, abolish program
  685. Government guaranteed loans, massive loan defaults
  686. Government guaranteed loans: program loses $1, franchisee families lose $10
  687. Government inquiries into franchise abuse allegations
  688. Government investigation
  689. Grand larceny
  690. Grange Report
  691. Greed
  692. Greenwashing: insincerely claiming to be environmentally friendly
  693. Gripe sites
  694. Gross margin controlled by franchisor
  695. Guilt: pain caused by doing what you know to be wrong
  696. Gullibility
  697. Hacktivism: internet social justice activists
  698. Half-truths
  699. Happy serfs
  700. Harassment
  701. Harold Brown
  702. Hates publicity
  703. Have needed more statistics for +30 years
  704. Head lease advantage
  705. Health consequences
  706. Health insurance gone
  707. Hefty severance packages
  708. Hepatitis
  709. Heuristics: rule of thumb decision making that can sometimes result in catastrophe
  710. Hidden agenda
  711. Higher profit than sales growth
  712. Higher short-term ROI to franchisor when churned (versus royalties)
  713. Hindsight Bias: tendency to view the past as more predictable than it was
  714. History is often re-written by the winners, aided by the unaware
  715. Honesty
  716. Hope springs eternal in the hearts of the delusional
  717. Horatio Alger story
  718. Horror stories are merely anecdotal
  719. Hostage taking
  720. House Debates, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada
  721. House negro
  722. How much cash you put in at 1st is irrelevant
  723. Hubris
  724. I did drugs because I was sad
  725. I loved the product so much, so as a fool I bought a franchise
  726. I own the assets but the franchisor controls them
  727. Ideas once outrageous are now considered normal
  728. Identity
  729. Identity as a competent, logical and non-greedy person shattered
  730. Identity theft
  731. If it doesn't jingle, it doesn't count
  732. Ignore advocates and they’ll go away
  733. Ignores court orders
  734. Illusion of government oversight
  735. Imbalance of information and power
  736. Immigrants as prey
  737. Immunity from being sued
  738. Impertinence
  739. In business for yourself, not by yourself
  740. In protective custody
  741. Inattentional blindness: we fail to see what is right before us
  742. Income guarantees
  743. Income tax evasion
  744. Incompetent or predatory: for the small business investor, the outcome is the same
  745. Indemnification provisions
  746. Indentured servants
  747. Independence
  748. Independence, forced
  749. Independence, profits go up
  750. Independence: time to break the chain
  751. Independent businesses much higher profit than franchised ones
  752. Independent businesses survive longer than franchised ones
  753. Independent franchisee association
  754. Independent franchisee association betrayal
  755. Independent franchisee association funded by franchisor
  756. Independent franchisee association's directors terminated after franchisee's suicide
  757. Individuals with a very successful career history
  758. Industry “Better Business Bureau”
  759. Industry Canada
  760. Industry in disrepute
  761. Industry likes this regulator
  762. Industry research lacks independent verification
  763. Industry third party attacks
  764. Ineffective marketing
  765. Inexcusable actions
  766. Infamous trademark system
  767. Influence-peddling
  768. Inherited money targeted
  769. Initial public offering, IPO
  770. Injunction sought to halt termination
  771. Inside job
  772. Insider betrayal
  773. Insight into self
  774. Insolvency
  775. Insolvency laws need to protect franchisees as well
  776. Insolvency strips employees' severance payments
  777. Insolvency trustee, consultant and auditor same firm
  778. Insolvent system renamed and sold to a relative
  779. Integral part of the deception
  780. Integration clauses
  781. Intentional franchisor insolvency creates huge fees for legal, accounting, consulting firms
  782. Intentional interference with economic relations
  783. International Franchise Association, IFA
  784. Internet anonymous posters protected
  785. Internet enables consumers to complain more and sooner
  786. Internet franchise-sales hype
  787. Internet information sharing
  788. Internet offshore gambling vulnerable to crime
  789. Internet, franchisor competes against franchisees
  790. Intimidation through lawyers
  791. Investment made during stressful life event
  792. Investments in franchising will stop & be lost if law passed
  793. Investor confidence crushed, no trust or buying
  794. Investors steered to specific attorney
  795. Iowa Franchise Investment Act
  796. It's not about the money
  797. Jackpot justice
  798. Jealously guarded monopoly on the provision of legal services
  799. Judge-made law: case law, applied common law principles
  800. Jumps bail
  801. Jury trial very rare in Canada
  802. Just a few bad apples
  803. Just World delusion: people get what they deserve in life
  804. Justice
  805. Justice delayed is justice denied
  806. Justice works best in the light of day
  807. Kidnapping
  808. Kill the messenger
  809. Kleenex system: tradename born to die quickly
  810. Knew, or could have reasonably been expected to know
  811. Knowledge management
  812. Knowledge: more pre-sale knowledge does not prevent opportunism during
  813. Konstaninos “Gus” Boulis
  814. Krispy Kreme stock model in the making?
  815. Labor cost minimization consequence
  816. Labor unrest
  817. Landlord accepts much less now or franchisor pushes franchisee and he gets 0%
  818. Landlord betrayal
  819. Landlord extorted through insolvency
  820. Landlord extorted through insolvency
  821. Language shortcomings create a vulnerability
  822. Lapdog journalism
  823. Largest and oldest multi-store franchisees fail
  824. Law grinds the poor, and rich men rule the law
  825. Laws belong to citizens not to self-interested gatekeepers and their captured clients
  826. Lawsuit is frivolous, without merit and will defend vigorously
  827. Lawsuit that would crush whole sector
  828. Lawsuits just a cost of doing business
  829. Lawsuits, class action
  830. Lawsuits, group
  831. Lawsuits, individual
  832. Lawyer alert: advise only prospects with adequate legal due diligence budgets or risk being sued
  833. Lawyer drops client
  834. Lawyer for franchisor found liable for court costs
  835. Lawyer tampers with documents
  836. Lawyering up without 2nd opinion is a trap
  837. Lawyers becoming religious
  838. Lawyers being threatened with lawsuits for speaking out
  839. Lawyers can serve franchisors or franchisees, never both
  840. Lawyers issue threatening letters
  841. Lawyers must be stripped of self-regulation
  842. Lawyers sued by franchisor
  843. Lawyers threaten to get Code of Ethics complaint letter withdrawn
  844. Lawyers threatening franchisee advocates
  845. Leaderless Franchise Network, LFN
  846. Leader's defeat used to bully revolting franchisees
  847. Leadership development
  848. Learning is an assault on non-thinking stupors
  849. Lease controlled by franchisor
  850. Lease margins are an important source of franchisor revenue
  851. Lease obligations make franchisees pay even if not in business
  852. Leasehold improvements worth next to nothing
  853. Legal fees big part of total loss
  854. Legal fees unpaid
  855. Legalized extortion
  856. Legitimate Businessman's Social Club
  857. Lender's due diligence not done properly
  858. Lending duty
  859. Lending duty never enforced via regulation or litigation
  860. Lending is subject to expert fraud because it is a credence good service
  861. Lending risk much lower
  862. Les Stewart
  863. Lesser of two evils
  864. Libel chill
  865. Lies, damn lies and statistics
  866. Life savings gone
  867. Like a medieval marriage
  868. Lipstick on a pig
  869. Listeriosis
  870. Listing fees and inside money
  871. Live by the lawsuit, die by the lawsuit
  872. Living off the avails of prostitution
  873. Loan forgiven for franchisor executive
  874. Loan pushing
  875. Loan repudiation
  876. Loan servicers and brokers attracts fraud
  877. Loan sharking
  878. Loan-broker fraud
  879. Loans to be paid but no asset received
  880. Lobbying power
  881. Local suppliers with no shelf space
  882. Localwashing: insincerely claiming to source products locally
  883. Location chosen by franchisor
  884. Lorn Austin, Lorne Austin, Lawrence Austin
  885. Loser pays court costs
  886. Losing money hand over fist
  887. Loss Aversion: people dislike losing much more than winning (the same $)
  888. Lost homes
  889. Love money
  890. Low investor confidence
  891. Lower quality franchisees
  892. Loyalty program
  893. Ludicrous demands
  894. Mad as hell not going to take it anymore
  895. Mail fraud
  896. Malfeasance
  897. Mandatory membership in associations
  898. Manipulate stock prices
  899. Marketing advisory council, national, franchisee
  900. Mask of respectability
  901. Massive defaults
  902. Material facts were not disclosed
  903. Material risks cannot be accurately determined before you sign
  904. Materially misleading information
  905. McBooze
  906. McCruelty
  907. McDonald’s not so lily white
  908. McDonald’s of…
  909. McDonald's less willing to be the poster boy for industry success/failure
  910. McFat
  911. McJob
  912. McLaw: toothless legislation designed to protect the dominant parties
  913. McLibel
  914. McStumble
  915. Media informs trade association their member is a convicted fraud artist
  916. Media is not interested in some stories
  917. Media is sued
  918. Media outlet "puts on" the franchise industry
  919. Mediation
  920. Mediation: information gathering that aids the destruction of valid legal claims
  921. Mental health destroyed
  922. Mergers and acquisitions
  923. Mergers and acquisitions: nearly half fail financially
  924. Military pension will delay financial collapse
  925. Military pension will subsidize the intentionally-designed deadbeat outlet
  926. Minimum wage increase opponents
  927. Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Ontario
  928. Misleading advertising
  929. Misrepresentations
  930. Model of de-regulated free-marketeers
  931. Modern franchising is fundamentally undemocratic
  932. Mom-and-Pop franchisees at greatest risk
  933. Money influencing public decision-making
  934. Money laundering
  935. Money pit franchise
  936. Money swears
  937. Monopoly or near-monopolies creates sub-optimal capital allocations
  938. Moral Hazard: a party insulated from risk behaves differently than if the full risk were present
  939. More one-sided information leads to greater deceit
  940. Mortgage fraud
  941. Most lucrative form of commercial lending, franchising
  942. Mould
  943. Multi unit carrot
  944. Multiple corporations protect majority shareholders' interests
  945. Multiple voting shares
  946. Multi-tradename franchisors are often the most ruthless
  947. Murder
  948. Must arbitrate disputes, cannot litigate
  949. Must buy entirely useless goods and services
  950. Must buy only through franchisor (tied buying)
  951. Must lease, not buy, land and/or building
  952. Must pay future royalties, even when the franchise fails (liquidated damages)
  953. Must sell business (eventually) through franchisor
  954. Must use franchisor's credit card processing company
  955. Must work only as a franchisee
  956. Mutual funds
  957. My franchise was a prison
  958. Myth
  959. Name and shame campaign
  960. Narcissism
  961. National association claims it represents franchisees but retreats when questioned
  962. National cultural icon?
  963. National press coverage
  964. National regulator
  965. Natural regulation: Taking enforcement into your own hands
  966. Neanderthal thinking
  967. Necessary illusions
  968. Negligence
  969. Negligent misrepresentation
  970. Network effects: unintended consequences when dealing with communities
  971. Neuroeconomics: the study how people make decisions (psychology, economic & neuroscience)
  972. New agreement is much worse
  973. New buyer must sign current, often less favorable, contract
  974. New franchise law means franchisors will boycott market (unsubstantiated fear mongering)
  975. New franchisor brings new false hope
  976. New franchisor may be nastier than the old one
  977. New franchisor means worse deal
  978. Next to impossible to sell any franchise
  979. No duty of care to public
  980. No franchisor support
  981. No justice in legal system
  982. No love lost, apparently
  983. No numbers to back up dire predictions
  984. No program evaluation being done by government
  985. No protection from monopoly
  986. No real penalties for abuse of federal insolvency laws
  987. Non-bank lender
  988. Non-compete restrictions
  989. Non-compete restrictions defeated
  990. Non-compete restrictions not enforced in California
  991. Nothing but cold calculation
  992. Nothing personal, it's just business
  993. Nutrition labeling
  994. Obesity
  995. Obstruction of justice
  996. Odious debts
  997. Offered much less than market value of franchise
  998. Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Canada
  999. Officials fail to freeze assets
  1000. Old-fashioned idea that politicians are relevant
  1001. Oligopoly: operates essentially the same as a monopoly
  1002. Ombudsman
  1003. Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments, Canada
  1004. Ombudsman, franchisee must sign gag order 1st
  1005. Ombudsman, funded by franchisors & suppliers
  1006. Ombudsman, no franchisee accountability
  1007. Ombudsman, risk of information going to franchisor
  1008. On Cooling the Mark Out (Erving Goffman)
  1009. One franchisee turned against the other (action very difficult)
  1010. One of us
  1011. Online reputation grows exponentially
  1012. Only 3 ways out: resell to next loser, independence & be sued or abandon and go bankrupt
  1013. Only interested in good news stories
  1014. Only offered a fraction of what business is worth
  1015. Only one side presented
  1016. Only opening new stores for the quick cash grab
  1017. Only saw bank official once before loan granted
  1018. Ontario Provincial Police
  1019. Ontario Public Hearings, Canada, 2000
  1020. Ontario Securities Commission
  1021. Ontario: population and economic provincial powerhouse of Canada
  1022. Operating losses from Day 1
  1023. Opinions at odds with the Minister
  1024. Opportunism: contract creates powers which are used to strip investor value during relationship
  1025. Opportunism: self-interest with deceit
  1026. Opportunity Knocks, John Lorinc
  1027. Opposed bankruptcy discharge
  1028. Opposition to fake franchisor insolvency and ownership flip
  1029. Order of Canada recipient
  1030. Organized crime
  1031. Organized crime infiltrates legitimate businesses
  1032. Outrageous fees
  1033. Outright scam
  1034. Outstanding investigative journalism
  1035. Overconfidence effect
  1036. Overstatement of sales and profits
  1037. Overt influence of trade association
  1038. Own worst enemy
  1039. Paid informers
  1040. Parliamentary privilege
  1041. Past the Tipping Point of public contempt for franchising
  1042. Pawns in a game they can't win
  1043. Perception is that it’s a franchisor program
  1044. Perjury
  1045. Personal assets pledged to cover business
  1046. Personal guarantee forged by franchisor
  1047. Personal guarantees cause good money to go after bad
  1048. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Canada
  1049. Personality disorders
  1050. Persuasion
  1051. Petition sent to parliament
  1052. Philanthropy
  1053. Physical health deterioration
  1054. Piling on: franchisor can afford a few awards but not hundreds
  1055. Point of Sale card skimming fraud
  1056. Police can’t/won't investigate losses less than $250,000
  1057. Police dump cases because of budget constraints
  1058. Police intervention
  1059. Polishing a turd of an argument
  1060. Political champions
  1061. Political contributions by franchisors (v. franchisees)
  1062. Politicians helping their friends
  1063. Politician's news release
  1064. Politicians openly shilling for corporations
  1065. Politicians refuses to answer request for information
  1066. Politics is vulnerable to expert fraud because it is a credence good
  1067. Ponzi (pyramid) scheme
  1068. Pooled money
  1069. Portrait of a franchisor
  1070. Possession for the purpose of trafficking
  1071. Potemkin village
  1072. Poverty
  1073. Power to publish offenders name
  1074. Predatory actions
  1075. Predatory franchise lending
  1076. Predatory franchising makes more money selling than operating system
  1077. Predatory lending
  1078. Predictably Irrational: people act less rationally than you can ever imagine
  1079. Pressured to break 3rd party contract
  1080. Preying on the economically poor
  1081. Price discrimination
  1082. Price fixing
  1083. Price maintenance
  1084. Price wars
  1085. Prime bank fraud
  1086. Prince Edward Island Public Hearings, Canada, 2001
  1087. Prison time needed to reduce white-collar crime
  1088. Prison time potential
  1089. Privacy breaches a prerequisite for fraud
  1090. Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  1091. Privacy laws violated
  1092. Private detective used
  1093. Private equity
  1094. Private eyes used to spy on franchisees
  1095. Private Members’ Bill
  1096. Private right of action
  1097. Privatization of utilities by franchising
  1098. Pro forma income statements questions
  1099. Proceeds of crime
  1100. Product liability
  1101. Professional hit
  1102. Professional misconduct
  1103. Professional negligence
  1104. Professional self-regulation
  1105. Professor Gillian K. Hadfield
  1106. Professor John Kenneth Galbraith
  1107. Professor Lorelle Frazer
  1108. Professor Marshall McLuhan
  1109. Professor Philip Zimbardo
  1110. Professor Timothy M. Bates
  1111. Profits from one franchise system sucked out to subsidize another one
  1112. Profits from one store subsidize another
  1113. Profits grow much faster than revenue
  1114. Promissory notes
  1115. Propaganda, thought-terminating cliches, The Big Lie
  1116. Prospect Theory: loses hurt much, much more than comparable gains
  1117. Protect gross negligence, wanton recklessness and intentional misconduct
  1118. Protection money
  1119. Protest, rally and demonstration
  1120. Proven business model?
  1121. Psychological denial
  1122. Psychological testing
  1123. Psychopathology
  1124. Psycho-social hazard
  1125. Public corruption
  1126. Public mischief
  1127. Public perception of sleaze and greed
  1128. Public trust in food safety diminished
  1129. Pump-and-dump scheme
  1130. Punished for talking to peers
  1131. Punished for talking to police
  1132. Punished for talking to press
  1133. Punitive, exemplary and/or aggravated damages
  1134. Put personal assets in someone else's name
  1135. Qualify as franchisee if you fog a mirror & the check clears
  1136. Quality industry leadership breeds similar managers and workers
  1137. Queen's Counsel
  1138. Quiet settlement
  1139. Race
  1140. Racketeering
  1141. Raining litigation
  1142. Ransom
  1143. Ray Borradale
  1144. Rebate sharing
  1145. Rebranding financed by adding more government guaranteed loan
  1146. Rebranding is a great way to raise franchisor revenue
  1147. Rebranding usually hides real objective
  1148. Refranchising: corporate stores converted to franchised
  1149. Refusal to acknowledge independent franchisee association
  1150. Refusal to renew contract
  1151. Refused to answer politician’s question
  1152. Refuses to accept complaint
  1153. Refuses to answer journalist's questions
  1154. Refuses to back loan applications
  1155. Refuses to investigate complaints
  1156. Refuses to take client
  1157. Register franchisees and franchisors
  1158. Regulator already has enough power but they don't use it
  1159. Regulators only pick on those who can't defend themselves
  1160. Regulators pushed to act by internet activism
  1161. Regulatory capture
  1162. Related scammers
  1163. Relationship legislation
  1164. Relative of franchisor buys assets from Trustee
  1165. Relative of franchisor owns construction company
  1166. Religion as sheep’s clothing
  1167. Renewal of contract contingent on franchisee waiving all legal rights
  1168. Renewal of contract denied
  1169. Renewing contract much tougher
  1170. Rent increase
  1171. Rent payments withheld
  1172. Renting a business causes problems down the road
  1173. Reparations
  1174. Reporter, not bank, notifies authorities
  1175. Reputation management
  1176. Reputation registry
  1177. Reputation self-immolation
  1178. Reputational risk
  1179. Resale or transfer store through franchisor to new franchisee
  1180. Resale permission unreasonably withheld
  1181. Resale value set by franchisor
  1182. Resales (after termination) seen as a profit center
  1183. Rescission
  1184. Reserves a veto over any legislation
  1185. Re-sold at a heavy loss
  1186. Responsible for a loan they did not sign for
  1187. Restoring investor confidence
  1188. Restraining order
  1189. Restrict gag orders
  1190. Restructuring is used to cull dealers
  1191. Restructuring legislation is deficient
  1192. Retaliation
  1193. Retire Ronald McDonald
  1194. Return on investment
  1195. Reverse onus on good faith and fair dealing
  1196. Ridicule
  1197. Right of first refusal
  1198. Right to associate
  1199. Right to associate and right to harass
  1200. Right to associate means the right to collective bargaining
  1201. Right to associate means the right to sue as a class action
  1202. Right to choose suppliers, buy from competitor
  1203. Risk compensation
  1204. Risk Homeostatis Theory, Gerald J. S. Wilde
  1205. Risk much higher for franchisee than independent business
  1206. Robber baron
  1207. Rogue operators adapt much quicker than oversight agencies
  1208. Romanian credit card skimming gangs
  1209. Royal Bank of Canada
  1210. Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP
  1211. Royalty fees: don't pay franchisor, pay me (your attorney)
  1212. Royalty payment reductions can be negotiated
  1213. Royalty payments withheld
  1214. Rules of Professional Conduct
  1215. Rules for Radicals: make them play by their own rules
  1216. Run by franchisees, for franchisees
  1217. Run the billable hour clock
  1218. Russian mafia
  1219. S. G. M. Grange, Q.C.
  1220. Sabotage
  1221. Sales agent shenanigans
  1222. Sales, understating
  1223. Salmonella
  1224. Same-store sales drop
  1225. Satire: foolishness held up for examination
  1226. Saturates markets through multiple distribution channels
  1227. SBA 7a loans used to fuel franchise bubble
  1228. Scapegoating
  1229. Scum
  1230. Secret kickbacks and rebates
  1231. Secret offshore accounts
  1232. Secured creditors (banks) 100% covered in dodgy insolvency
  1233. Securities fraud
  1234. Securitization
  1235. Seduction
  1236. Self-confidence destroyed
  1237. Self-delusion
  1238. Self-help: take your own store back, de-brand and run to fund a fight
  1239. Self-regulating professionals does not protect consumers
  1240. Self-represented litigants
  1241. Sell or we will sue you
  1242. Selling around a disclosure document
  1243. Selling franchisee won’t sell a new franchisee a financial time bomb
  1244. Selling franchises same as stocks, mutual funds, lending, and securities
  1245. Selling price inflated by easy credit bubble
  1246. Seminar selling
  1247. Sets up competing distribution channel
  1248. Settlement just a tiny fraction of original claim
  1249. Settlement just covers fees
  1250. Severance package financing dream
  1251. Sexual assault
  1252. Sexual orientation
  1253. Sham corporate structures designed to evade responsibility
  1254. Sham of self-regulation
  1255. Shame - Humiliation emotion
  1256. Sham of self-regulation
  1257. Shannon Liss-Riordan
  1258. Sharecropping
  1259. Shareholder activism forces franchisor action
  1260. Shell companies
  1261. Shigella
  1262. Shill: banker
  1263. Shills
  1264. Shocked, I tell you: just shocked
  1265. Short- or forced-shipping
  1266. Short-term profits to franchisor much higher with cannon fodder investors
  1267. Should anyone trust anything associated with franchising anymore?
  1268. Shunned
  1269. Sign away human rights and legal remedies
  1270. Signed only last page of form but several copies
  1271. Signs that potential franchisees are nervous and aren’t buying
  1272. Sincere ignorance
  1273. Sincerity
  1274. Siren song
  1275. Situationism psychology: people are influenced by external factors more than internal traits
  1276. Slander
  1277. Slap on the wrist for white-collar crime
  1278. Slime
  1279. Slow food movement
  1280. Slush funds
  1281. Small Claims Court no solution
  1282. Smartest guy in the room
  1283. Smuggling
  1284. Social justice
  1285. Social media marketing
  1286. Social media triggers unskilled franchisor reaction
  1287. Social proof: in new situations, you assume others know more so you follow their lead
  1288. Social responsibility is a sales gimmick
  1289. Sold but not opened, SNO
  1290. Sold during time of psychological vulnerability, especially unemployment
  1291. Sold for as much as much as they can get (next-to worthless)
  1292. Sold only to people with no small business experience (very naïve)
  1293. Sold to dodge legal actions
  1294. Sold used equipment when franchisee thought it would be new
  1295. Sold useless or inappropriate equipment
  1296. Solicitation to commit first-degree murder
  1297. Solicitor-client privilege used to shield white-collar crime (self and others)
  1298. Some of the nastiest predators run several tradename systems
  1299. Sophism: an argument used to deceive
  1300. South Sea Bubble
  1301. Spartacus effect: folk heroes are made when bullies strongly retaliate
  1302. Specific contract terms trumps all general good faith/fair dealings obligations
  1303. Spin over substance?
  1304. Sports and criminal organizations
  1305. Spouse can sue for losses also
  1306. Spouse dragged into negative investment
  1307. Spouse must never sign any document
  1308. Spouse needs independent legal advice
  1309. Stalking horse bid
  1310. Starts 2nd system from insolvent 1st
  1311. State refuses to even listen
  1312. State sanction
  1313. Stay out of group lawsuit and I’ll pay you
  1314. Stock manipulation alleged
  1315. Stock price plummets
  1316. Stop territorial protection at contract renewal
  1317. Stopped paying royalties
  1318. Store never opened, SNO
  1319. Stores shuttered
  1320. Strategic lawsuit against public participation, SLAPP
  1321. Strong back and weak mind
  1322. Structured finance deals
  1323. Sub-prime lending
  1324. Sub-prime lending practices done in franchising
  1325. Success or failure have largely to do with luck
  1326. Success or failure is within the direct control of the individual franchisee
  1327. Success rate, 95 per cent
  1328. Success rate, Timothy Bates’ study
  1329. Success rate, we don’t know
  1330. Success rates fudged
  1331. Success will happen if I work harder
  1332. Successful for the middleman
  1333. Sue first and ask questions later
  1334. Sue lender for failing to do their lender's due diligence
  1335. Sue the accountant
  1336. Sue the appraiser
  1337. Sue the bank
  1338. Sue the franchisee association and executives
  1339. Sue the lawyer
  1340. Sue the lawyer that created the disclosure document
  1341. Sue the regulator
  1342. Sue the sales agent
  1343. Suicide
  1344. Suicide committed in franchised store
  1345. Sunshine is the best disinfectant
  1346. Sunk cost
  1347. Sunk Cost Fallacy: very hard to resist putting good money after bad
  1348. Sunk costs: franchisee's trapped capital keeps them chained to treadmill
  1349. Supplier kickbacks
  1350. Suppliers and landlords act as if they were the franchisor
  1351. Supply chain management innovation
  1352. Supply margins are a hidden added royalty payment
  1353. Supreme Court of Canada
  1354. Survivability (franchisee and franchisor)
  1355. Susan Kezios
  1356. Suspiciously high earnings growth
  1357. Symbiotic relationships (industry, banks, lawyers)
  1358. Sympathy for the franchisor
  1359. System designed to fail for franchisees
  1360. System is collapsing
  1361. System ownership changes very frequently
  1362. Tacit approval
  1363. Take what I give you or abandon 100% of your investment
  1364. Take what you're given for a law or you get nothing
  1365. Talk to former franchisees
  1366. Targeting children
  1367. Tax fraud
  1368. Tax havens make tracing proceeds of crime impossible
  1369. Tax subsidy
  1370. Taxpayers end up paying for private gain
  1371. TD Canada Trust
  1372. Telemarketing fraud
  1373. Telephone number controlled by franchisor
  1374. Terminate or buy off franchisee leaders
  1375. Terminated by form letter
  1376. Termination of franchisee, mass
  1377. Termination of franchisee, single
  1378. Termination threats
  1379. Terrorism
  1380. Terrorizing franchisees
  1381. Test for franchisee, independent contractor or employee
  1382. The burned hand teaches best
  1383. The Fixer fixes for a hefty price
  1384. The game is rigged
  1385. The key is to commit crimes so confusing that police feel too stupid to even write a crime report about them
  1386. The Long Con: prick your own IPO bubble, walk and keep your mouth shut
  1387. The Toronto Star
  1388. Theft
  1389. There's a sucker born every minute
  1390. Therese Evans
  1391. Thin-skinned politicians not doing their duty
  1392. Threatening letters
  1393. Threatening staff
  1394. Threatens to drop client
  1395. Threats against franchisee advocates
  1396. Threats against supporters of franchisee association
  1397. Threats of lawsuits
  1398. Threats of physical violence
  1399. Threats toward politicians by franchisors
  1400. Tied contracting
  1401. Tier 2 lawyers
  1402. Time delays makes collection of future court awards impossible
  1403. Tip of the iceberg
  1404. Tobacco industry-type defence
  1405. Token gesture
  1406. Tony Martin
  1407. Toothless law
  1408. Toronto: international telemarketing fraud capital
  1409. Torture
  1410. Tougher to sell franchises
  1411. Towers of gold, feet of clay
  1412. Trade association fronts and defends best and worst franchisors
  1413. Trade association membership a bogus "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"
  1414. Trade association propaganda
  1415. Trade association tells elected officials how to do their job
  1416. Trade payable debt used to dominate
  1417. Trade show are where the greatest lies are told
  1418. Trade shows a major source of revenue for franchisor associations
  1419. Trademark
  1420. Trademark infringement cited as reason for litigation
  1421. Trademark re-acquired by franchisor after insolvency
  1422. Trademark secured by surviving franchisees
  1423. Trading in false hope
  1424. Trafficking a controlled substance
  1425. Tragedy of the commons
  1426. Trans fatty acids
  1427. Trap for the trusting
  1428. Tremendous desire to warn others
  1429. Trespass orders
  1430. Trial decision always appealed
  1431. Trust
  1432. Trust account irregularities
  1433. Trustee/consultant does mass terminations during protection to flip to new owner
  1434. Truth
  1435. U.S. expansion is graveyard for many Canadian businesses
  1436. U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI
  1437. U.S. Federal Trade Commission, FTC
  1438. U.S. Oversight Hearings on the Franchise Relationship, 1999
  1439. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC
  1440. U.S. Small Business Administration, SBA
  1441. U.S. subprime mortgage scandal
  1442. U.S. Supreme Court
  1443. Unauthorized funds transfer by bank
  1444. Unauthorized funds transfer by bank
  1445. Unbridled corporate power
  1446. Uncharacteristically shy with media requests
  1447. Uncle Tom-ish comments
  1448. Unconscionable conduct
  1449. Undercapitalized
  1450. Undue influence
  1451. Unfunded taxpayer liability
  1452. Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, UFOC (FDD)
  1453. Uniform international franchise law
  1454. Uniform national franchise law means a uniformly weak one
  1455. Unilateral changes in business model drive franchisees' profits down
  1456. Unilateral fines
  1457. Unintentional or hidden franchises
  1458. Unionization
  1459. Unionization is a constitutional right
  1460. Unions hold management accountable
  1461. Universities provide unbiased expert knowledge and pursue objective truth
  1462. Unjust enrichment
  1463. Unpaid government obligations
  1464. Unproven business model
  1465. Unreasonably withholds consent
  1466. Unrelated franchisor investment sinks franchise system
  1467. Unsafe at any Brand?
  1468. Unsecured creditors get next to nothing
  1469. Unskilled and unaware bias (Dunning–Kruger effect)
  1470. Unsophisticated buyers
  1471. Uttering threats
  1472. Vacuum of information favours dominant party
  1473. Variable rate royalty fees
  1474. Veil of secrecy
  1475. Vendor incentives
  1476. Very low lending loss risk
  1477. Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, VetFran
  1478. VetFran has lots of predatory systems
  1479. VetFran: fish in a barrel
  1480. Vicarious liability
  1481. Victims are highly intelligent and educated
  1482. Vigilantism
  1483. Violated
  1484. Violence
  1485. Waiver of legal rights
  1486. Wanted: sheep
  1487. War of attrition
  1488. Was new franchisor money really old $ siphoned off before false insolvency was declared?
  1489. Watchdog fails to bark
  1490. We have no franchisee failures
  1491. We will bankrupt you
  1492. Weak law worse than no law
  1493. Weak security costs public millions $
  1494. Wealth is meant to be re-distributed (not created)
  1495. Weapons of Influence: Authority
  1496. Weapons of Influence: Commitment and Consistency
  1497. Weapons of Influence: Liking
  1498. Weapons of Influence: Reciprocity
  1499. Weapons of Influence: Scarcity
  1500. Weapons of Influence: Social Proof
  1501. Were in default for some time: why terminate now?
  1502. What does the independent franchisee association say?
  1503. When fraud is alleged, politician turns to group that represents perpetrators
  1504. When the franchisor tanks, so does the franchisee
  1505. Where is the franchisor hiding? contest
  1506. Whistleblowers
  1507. Whistleblowers protected
  1508. White man's burden
  1509. White-collar crime has stiff penalties
  1510. White-collar crime is widespread
  1511. White-knight lawyer turns black
  1512. Who pays for the research?
  1513. Who selected these allegedly moron franchisees in the first place?
  1514. Why franchisors sublease to franchisees
  1515. Why should we care? It's not our money.
  1516. Why terminate now since I owed money for some time?
  1517. WikiLeaks
  1518. Wiki: a franchisee-created wiki made from your franchisor's documents
  1519. Wild West of the business world
  1520. Will work even when Variable costs > than Selling price
  1521. Wire fraud
  1522. Wiretap authorization virtually impossible if a lawyer is the target
  1523. Wiretaps
  1524. Withholding fees is extremely hazardous
  1525. Withholds evidence in court proceedings
  1526. Within the four corners of the contract
  1527. Without conscience
  1528. Witness tampering
  1529. Wolf in sheep's clothing
  1530. Won't get fooled again
  1531. Work as employee inside system before investing
  1532. Workplace bullying
  1533. Workplace safety
  1534. Workplace violence
  1535. World Franchise Council
  1536. Would you advise anyone to buy into your system?
  1537. Would you do it over again?
  1538. Write a letter of complaint
  1539. You can’t con an honest man
  1540. You get what you pay for as a franchisee
  1541. You may not be the 1st but you could be the next
  1542. You'll sign anything to get 15% of what you put into it back
  1543. Zone pricing: franchisees pay more for same quality, same geography
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