F.T.C. Public Comment 69

I feel my hands are totally tied. I feel as an indentured servant.


U.S. Federal Trade Commission
April 30, 1997

Public Comment
Greg Gaither, franchisee

Request for public comment on possible revisions to The Franchise Rule.

Comment #69

Franchise ANPR Hotline

4:50 pm

April 30, 1997

This is Greg Gaither, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Telephone number (918) 687-4786.

I'm also a member of the AFA and hope to be at the White House Conference on Small Businesses.

Right now, I have a concern concerning encroachment. I'm with General Nutrition Center. It has impacted our business severely. I also feel that there's not an accountability of the franchisor to the franchisee. I also feel that I do not have a voice in D.C. because as the GAO has stated that enforcement of the Franchise Rule cited is less than 6% of all the complaints brought to the FTC are acted upon.

Being a broker, a stock broker, I feel that when we bought the business that there should have been in the prospectus that the encroachment is a possibility or a probability and that it would severely possibly effect my business, much as an investor has to have that information when they make an investment in a mutual fund. That is not done and needs to be done. Article 5 dealing with unfair and deceptive acts and practices perpetuated upon us has been one which it has severely effected our business.

I also feel that GNC definitely needs to be looked into as well as other franchisors. So I would appreciate your comments, especially I would appreciate any support as a tax payer, as an individual who has done everything required, but has not had any support whatsoever. I feel my hands are totally tied. I feel as an indentured servant. So any of your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

For Review, see FTC “Table of Commenters”

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