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Les Stewart, MBA
(former franchisee)
Translation coordinator
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2. About

WikiFranchise provides a transparent, credible and free educational resource for those interested in the business format franchise industry.

  • WikiFranchise is a document collection

What Types of Documents are here?
They all related to the franchising industry from over 50 countries:
• published articles: newspapers, magazines, trade journals (print & online),
• public hearing testimonies,
• judicial and arbitrational decisions, and
• private correspondence

WikiFranchise was never intended to be used alone for due diligence. It is unwise to do it alone. You should work with an experienced commercial lawyer (+60 years-old, regionally-known: not a franchise-specific one) for a minimum of 6 months of investigation and budget about $3,000 to $5,000.

This document archive does not replace professional advice.

History —We:

  • started as a McDonald's Restaurant of Canada franchisee's crew person in 1972,
  • achieved Triple A rating as 1st assistant manager, McDonald's franchisee in 1979,
  • achieved a BA and MBA, 1985, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada,
  • did 6 months of intensive pre-sale due diligence for a Nutri-Lawn lawn care franchise, 1992,
  • achieved only 23% of projected sales over 4.5 years as franchisee,
  • tried to negotiate informally with franchisor with little result,
  • saw 17 of 26 franchises change hands over 4.5 years,
  • took franchise business independent in 1998 (Lawn Depot),
  • forced into legal defence: injunction hearing, trial, abandoned appeal,
  • turned to the political process for a law (expert witness for the Ontario Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure)), 2000,
  • active a media spokesperson for Canadian franchisees 1998 to present,
  • started a national franchisee advocacy group (Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators), 1998 to 2005,
  • sued by two international franchise systems (a) 1,600 franchisees and (b) +$1-billion sales — internet freedom of speech,
  • declared personal and corporate bankruptcy in Dec 2000,
  • wrote 2005 Industry Canada paper (free .pdf) about concerns regarding their government guaranteed loan programs in franchising,
  • defined and developed a test lawsuit for Predatory franchise lending, (free .pdf),
  • started to write on the internetin 2006,
  • started in Feb 2008 to write a weblog (FranchiseFool),
  • became an expert on organizing independent franchisee associations (example),
  • launched on Feb 28, 2009, and
  • continue to collect +2,200 documents.

WikidFranchise is where investment risk is revealed through published articles.

3. In the News

The Wall Street Journal
March 24, 2009

Blogs Provide Insight to Would-Be Franchises
Sites Offer News, Comments, Updates on the Happenings at Other Businesses; Complaints Are Welcome Too
Richard Gibson Among the newest franchise sites — it was launched earlier this month — is, a takeoff on the popular Wikipedia concept. The site invites contributions from franchisees on their experiences. One recent entry recounted a Maryland couple’s marathon dispute with a coffee-shop franchiser.

The site, which is updated daily, features a convenient search capability by franchise brand. A search under “Burger King” for instance, turned up more than 60 items, some from as far back as 2001.
April 15, 2009

More Franchise Blogging About Franchise Blogging
Let’s keep on franchise blogging about franchise blogging at least one more time…

WikiFranchise operates along the lines of Wikipedia, billing itself as an information sharing project for folks interested in franchise information. It consists only of previously published information about a franchise, wisely limiting their liability and preventing the site from becoming a site for whining about franchise (which is the province, apparently, of

Free Accounts – Franchise Info
Members can create a free account and learn from the posted franchise articles and begin to post new information.

Is it the “largest repository of vetted information” on franchise ever compiled? Maybe – it’s got a very nice tag cloud for quick access to articles about franchises such as KrispyKreme, Subway, Dairy Queen, lots in the area of franchise.

Franchise Info, not Advertising
It’s not the place to advertise or try to gain new customers for your franchise, however; it’s aiming at becoming a library of information, with all parties interested in franchise scurrying around available media sources and posting valuable articles.

Tho possibly not every article is so valuable – one entitled “Judge fines ruffian for hurling muffin,” a news story about an unfortunate event at a Tim Horton donut franchise – may not provide valuable insights about the purchase or running of such a franchise establishment. It works well as data to shore up SouthPark’s opinion of Canada, however.

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