Tony Martin: Why 100,000 Canadian franchisee families should keep his family in their thoughts.

News that Tony Martin has suffered a stroke prompted an outpouring of well wishes on Tuesday, with people turning to social media to offer words of support to his family.
February 17, 2014

Tony Martin: 100,000 CDN franchisee families should keep his family in your thoughts.
Les Stewart

The Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure) Act, 2000 exists because of Martin. He draws people together in a way only an Irish immigrant could.
Tony Martin


I would suggest ALL franchisees, everywhere, who know enough to value the legal protections that "good faith, fair dealings and commercially reasonable" might give to their life, recognize this, faith-filled parliamentarian's fearless role in not managing but eradicating predatory industry practices, starting in 1996.

As reported in the Sault Star, NDP colleagues offer words of support after Tony Martin hospitalized after suffering stroke:

The longtime NDP politician and anti-poverty activist reportedly suffered the stroke Sunday.

Bud Wildman, former provincial cabinet minister and a close friend, said doctors are hopeful Martin, 65, will recover.

He said Martin's family is by his side.

“I'm concerned for my friend. He's a strong person. I'm hoping he'll make a full recovery,” said Wildman.

My thoughts are with Bud, Madge, Karen and Jacques and especially Anna and their children.

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