OFL Calls for Police to Investigate Shell Canada

“If Shell is allowing licensed franchise owners to force workers to pay from their pocket for stolen gas then both may be guilty of willfully putting workers’ lives at risk.”

September 17, 2012

OFL Calls for Police to Investigate Shell Canada
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In the wake of the fatal gas and dash in Toronto over the weekend, the Ontario Federation of Labour is calling for a criminal investigation into if the corporate policies of Shell Canada played any role in the death of 44 year-old Jayesh Prajapati.

The OFL wants to know if the station had an unofficial policy that docked a worker's pay if gas was stolen during their shift.

“While police are chasing the killer who drove the SUV, they should also be investigating the corporate policies that may have set the terrible chain of events in motion,” said OFL President Sid Ryan in a statement. “If Shell is allowing licensed franchise owners to force workers to pay from their pocket for stolen gas then both may be guilty of willfully putting workers’ lives at risk.”

In a statement Shell Canada said “under no circumstances are sales associates or any other retail employee to intervene during criminal activity.”


1. proton 09/17/2012
This is getting ridiculous! There should be a criminal investigation of the OFL into its policies. While we're at it let's vote a government into power that will finally take away the ridiculous unfettered powers of the unions. Let employees decide if they want to join a union or not as opposed to being forced. That coercion should become a criminal activity. So should workers working at a snails pace in order to increase the number of employees required and the corresponding costs.

OFL is clearly attempting to unionize gas station workers.

Can't wait for the federal government legislation to force the unions to open their books.

2. jim 09/18/2012
@proton the only thing ridiculous is an unfounded statement that has no evidence to back it up. The powers of unions are less that the powers of employers otherwise everyone would be unionized, well except for lawyers and legislators who have unfettered access to peoples money. Speaking about opening books, how about corporations/ banks books being opened to public scrutiny?

3. calvinhc 09/17/2012
There is no reason why fuel retailers cannot institute their own pay-before-you-pump policy without the need to legislate it.

Older retailers with pumps that don't have credit card payment hardware still have an "off" switch that can disable the pump until payment is first made.

The franchise owner or supervisor should be charged with negligent homicide in this case. Their actions lead to a work environment that put this employee in a life-threatening situation. Whether or not a conviction comes of this, just watch how fast other retailers implement a pay-before-you-pump policy.

4. murray 09/17/2012
Lots of bars and restraunts, currently charge the waitress etc the difference is he or she is short on money or got stiffed on the dash and dine.

5. calvinhc 19 hours ago
@murray I'm not saying that it is not unfair for people in bars and restaurants being charged for dash and dines, but there is a significant difference.

The customers are not outside the building while the employee is doing their work is one thing that comes to mind, but the main difference is that there is no big restaurant chain who's head office is issuing statement saying they don't encourage their employees to go after people who dash and dine.

6. rick 09/17/2012
we all know the culprit will not face harsh remifications, even if found quilty. The attendant has left behind an 11 yo sold and a widow. If anyone knows there is a fund raiser for the family, count me in. let me know..Rick..I will check this site for details daily


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