Statement from Pete Fry

We have never, ever turned down a franchisee’s question for advice. We have always been there if they needed help.

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October 19, 2011

Statement from Pete Fry

“The relationship between a franchisor and franchisee is governed by a franchise agreement. I recommend that you read our franchise agreement before listening to any false accusations. There is nothing in the franchise agreement that guarantees a franchise will make money and they are told that right from the start. Once signing the franchise agreement the franchisee is solely responsible for construction and renovation of the facility under a required timeline, if they are later than the required timeline we have the right to terminate yet we have always provided leeway and worked with them. The franchise agreement stipulates that we are here for consulting and advice should the franchisee need it. One of the challenges is many times when someone buys a franchise, as soon as they get the keys for their location they sometimes think they know it all and they do not ask for advice. We have never, ever turned down a franchisee’s question for advice. We have always been there if they needed help.

For each location there is a story to tell so it would be difficult for me to go into any depth. As well, I have been advised that any information shared to any parties outside the Puckmasters contingent on some of the locations, could have an adverse effect on both the company and the active and growing Puckmasters. I did make comments on a few of them and corrected some that were wrong for you.

This is what I can tell you. Our job as the Franchisor is to ensure that each Puckmasters Franchise has a system to follow and the necessary tools in order to build a successful business. Puckmasters Corporate has provided the system and all the tools. Our franchise is not like a typical fast food franchise like Tim Horton’s. Our business success relies mainly on belly to belly marketing. That means the franchisee has to be proactive and aggressive bringing players to their facility. Our systems lay that out. If they choose to follow it or not is always the decisive factor in their success or failure.

The franchisee must take full responsibility and be accountable for their actions. It is not our job to run their business. However, Puckmasters Corporate realizes that there were growing pains involved but the most important thing that we could do is give the Franchises direction and infrastructure. That was upheld.

The success of a Puckmasters comes down to ownership of each location. It is our experience, that when people experience challenges, difficult situations and growing pains they will tend to point the finger and blame others for their misfortune and mistakes.

Puckmasters has evolved into a strong hockey training business. We are extremely selective on who we bring into our company and take pride on providing the best to all the players. We wish the former Puckmasters ownership groups success in their future endeavours and continue to support and guide the existing real ice locations.

Having said that, we have made some fantastic changes as follows in order to make the business model more viable:

1. Switched from synthetic ice to real ice.
2. Put focus on making existing locations extremely successful before selling any more franchises.
3. Adding additional revenue streams including ice rentals, 3 on 3 leagues and the Hockey Institute.
4. Bringing back former NHL Goalie and William Jennings winner, NCAA Champion and marketing/sales expert Darren Jensen in the role of franchise support.
5. Holding franchisees much more accountable for their marketing and sales actions. We are already seeing the success of these changes with revenues jumping over 300% with our real ice locations.

Bottom line is, our franchise system if followed correctly even when it was on the synthetic ice has always gotten amazing skill development results with our students. The hundreds of success stories I have attached from hockey players demonstrate this. Now with the switch to real ice not only are the skill development results even better, the business model is 100% more viable as demonstrated by the massive growth in revenues since the transition.”

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