Infamous Domino’s Closes in Conover

Owner Kevin Hendren says the restaurant closed last Tuesday, due to "lack of business after the YouTube incident."
September 27, 2009

Infamous Domino’s Closes in Conover
Marvin Beach

CONOVER, NC - Who can forget the YouTube video of two former Domino’s employees sneezing and spitting on food? Now that location in Conover has closed almost six months after the video went online.

The parking lot, empty outside the Domino’s in Conover.

Owner Kevin Hendren says the restaurant closed last Tuesday, due to "lack of business after the YouTube incident."

“They lost a lot of customers because of that. It was disgusting,” says Conover resident Renee Travis.

In April, Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer were charged with felony food tampering for this video made inside the store.

Today, signs for the sandwiches they made famous are still posted on the window outside.

Several people we talked to said they were surprised the place stayed open as long as it did. They said the closing was inevitable.

“I had no idea that it had closed down, because I had been seeing them deliver pizza this week,” Travis says.

She works in the shopping center across from the former Domino’s.

She's disappointed the store closed, because she says it was the only one that would deliver to her.

“I think it gave 'em a bad name. It made me worry. But I still ate their food,” she says.

Not the case for Rodney Davis.

“I was really appalled by you know, kind of makes you wonder if that goes on in other restaurants, kinda makes you eat at home a little more,” says Davis.

He says the closing doesn’t surprise him.

“Honestly afterward, I don't think they had a real good chance of anything, especially in the food industry, once you kinda get that stigma, it's kind of no turning back,” Davis says.

The health rating still posted outside indicates things had turned around in recent months. It shows a 99 percent score.

But, not enough to convince customers to come back.

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