Email to Mr. Dan Ruch, Privacy Office, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC

Also, I would appreciate it if you and CIBC would not freeze my account and attempt to trick me into signing a waiver of legal rights as a condition of getting back my own money. We'll deal with this issue as well as the CSBFA, PIPEDA and Bank Act violations once 1 and 2 are solved.

Email to Mr. Dan Ruch, Privacy Office, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce< CIBC

To: Mr. Dan Ruch, Vice-President, CIBC Privacy Office
From: Mr. Andrei Oudovikine, B. Eng.
Date: April 19, 2005

Thank you for your response and I appreciate your promise to resolve this matter by the end of the week.

The following are the most urgent issues and once they are addressed, the other concerns can be dealt with.

1. Current account fund removals
Please provide me with a copy of the documents surrounding the loan proceed deposits and their rapid withdrawal on August 21 and 22, 2003. The entire loan proceeds plus over $80,000 of my own money was removed without my verbal or written authorization.

My only business account is CIBC 01902 91-03511. Please provide me the following details on the below listed transactions:
a. August 21, 2003 for the amount of $2,538.62,
b. August 21, 2003 for the amount of $129,499.62, and
c. August 22, 2003 for the amount of $184,850.88.

Please provide an explanation of 1a., 1b. and 1c. for the following criteria:
(i) a copy of the documents that authorized CIBC to transfer money out of this account,
(ii) the names and positions of the CIBC officials who authorized the transfer(s) and
(iii) a copy of the destination of these funds,

Please provide the details (documents, names and positions and destination) of CIBC's unauthorized net $80,311.88 removal of my funds from my account on August 22, 2003.

Please provide the details (documents, names and positions) of the CIBC officials who allowed my overdraft to exceed its $2,500 limit (see CIBC & Andralex Food Services Inc., Credits to you Agreement, August 8, 2003 and August 11, 2003 and CIBC account 91-0351 on October 2, 2003, balance <$7,017.21>). This transaction has never been reversed and has resulted in a direct loss to my company.

2. Privacy violations
Please provide me with the documents that authorized the following CIBC officials to discuss my confidential personal and business arrangements:
a. Sue Fedorink and third parties,
b. Sandra Fitzgerald and third parties, and
c. other CIBC officials and third parties.

Several federal laws require financial institutions to document transactions. I understand that a bank must provide required documents to their customers within ten days. I have been asking for these routine documents since the summer of 2004.

A wrongdoing always requires breaches of federal privacy laws in its cover-up. Three files are active on this situation with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

It is my understanding that unauthorized and undocumented movements of cash are categorized as theft. I wish to clarify CIBC's position, just this once more, before presenting the case for populist scrutiny by all means.

Please comply with my most reasonable requests within your timeframe or I am forced to conclude that these documents never existed and that the CIBC privacy office has joined the growing list of CIBC officials that refuses to deal with me and continues to act in extremely bad faith.

Also, I would appreciate it if you and CIBC would not freeze my account and attempt to trick me into signing a waiver of legal rights as a condition of getting back my own money. We'll deal with this issue as well as the CSBFA, PIPEDA and Bank Act violations once 1 and 2 are solved.

I authorize Mr. Les Stewart to speak to you or other CIBC officials about the entire issue on my behalf. I expressly forbid communication, directly and indirectly, with anyone but CIBC officials. I have never assigned authority to CIBC officials to communicate with third parties and reserve that right now.

Andrei Oudovikine, B. Eng.
416-219-6576 Tel

Mr. Les Stewart, MBA
Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators
705-737-4635 Tel

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