Sandwich king gunned down

He was running the place before long. He joined the management of the chain, helping to sell franchises across Canada.

The Globe and Mail
February 8, 2001

Sandwich king gunned down
Former part owner of Mr. Submarine shot to death in his car in Fort Lauderdale
John Saunders

Konstantinos (Gus) Boulis, who helped to make the sub sandwich a Canadian fast-food staple and later commanded a fleet of gambling ships in international waters off Florida, has been gunned down in his car in Fort Lauderdale. It appears to have been a professional hit.

The former Greek sailor jumped ship in Canada in 1968 and became part owner of the Toronto-based Mr. Submarine chain before selling out and moving to Florida, where he founded a chain called Miami Subs and offered "cruises to nowhere" on floating casinos beyond the reach of U.S. law. He sold both businesses in the past two years.

At 51, he was a multimillionaire with a complicated personal life and a history of disputes with business associates and government agencies.

As police reconstructed the events, he left his office at about 9:15 p.m. on Tuesday, climbed into his BMW and headed south on Miami Road through a quiet residential-industrial area.

About two minutes later, a car pulled in front of him, slowed down and stopped. A second car, a dark Ford Mustang, appeared from the south and pulled alongside him, driver's side to driver's side.

Without leaving the car, the Mustang's driver fired at least four rounds from a semiautomatic pistol into Mr. Boulis's upper body. The Mustang drove off toward the north; the second car fled south, and Mr. Boulis managed to drive east to Federal Highway, a major route through Fort Lauderdale.

He turned north, perhaps heading for a nearby hospital, but lost control and jumped a median about three blocks away. He continued north in the southbound lanes, then crashed into a tree across the road from a Miami Subs outlet. He died later in hospital.

Detective Mike Green of Fort Lauderdale police said a $100,000 (U.S.) reward has been posted by relatives living in the area, including Mr. Boulis’s mother and brother, as police try to figure out who shot him or why.

"Mr. Boulis, as you can imagine, was very well known, a very high-profile person… . We're getting a lot of names of people who might have done it, but we have not formulated any suspects at this time."

Mr. Boulis's was still in his 20s when he arrived in Toronto and found work in a Mr. Submarine shop. He was running the place before long. He joined the management of the chain, helping to sell franchises across Canada. The owners offered him a share in the company, then bought it back when he headed south in the late 1970s.

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