Canada Post plans to test online postage sales service

“This is the first international trial of Internet postage.

The Toronto Star
January 28, 2000

Canada Post plans to test online postage sales service
Calgary first to get U.S. kits for field trials.
Laura Raun

SAN MATEO, Calif. – E-Stamp Corp., a provider of on-line postal services, said yesterday Canada Post Corp. will test its Internet postage technology as E-Stamp pushes into the $90 billion (U.S.) foreign postage market.

Canada Post will start its trial Calgary early next month, E-Stamp chief executive Robert Ewald said. Fifty small businesses will be able to send letters and packages within Canada and the U.S.

E-Stamp sells software and a device to buy, download and print postage on to correspondence, bypassing stamps and postal services. Inc. is the only other company licensed by the U.S. government to sell postage over the Internet.

“This is the first international trial of Internet postage,” said Ewald. “Our international expansion represents a tremendous opportunity.”

About 60 per cent of the $150 billion global market for postage is outside the United States, he said.

Europe is the next-most important area for E-Stamp after North America, he said.

“Germany is high on our list,” Ewald said.

The company began offering Web postage in August after gaining approval from the U.S. Postal Service. The company went public in October, about four months after Santa Monica, Calif. – based

E-Stamp is expanding into online distribution of gift certificates and tickets for events, movies and performances, using its technology for secure transactions over the Internet.

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