What You Can Expect From Us

Expect to be part of a Franchise “Family”. Second Cup is a Franchise Family that works together for mutual benefit and success…Expect to profit from our superior buying power.

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What You Can Expect From Us
Second Cup

Expect to join an organization dedicated to your support and success.
At Second Cup, all of our franchisees are our number once customers. So right from the start, Second Cup will provide you with the finest operations and sales support in the business. There is Second Cup’s unique Coffee College TM where Franchisees learn the basics…and much more! Territory Managers help you run your business more efficiently, from the initial store opening, through daily operations. An expert management team, Coffee Central, is always ready to listen and respond swiftly to your needs. Then there is the Franchisee Advisory Council, and the annual Coffee Convention. Second Cup’s exclusive “Gold Standard” program is also available. This will provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your Second Cup operation. In short, we want you to smile when you sign your royalty cheques!

Expect dedication to quality.
Second Cup people are obsessed by the desire to obtain the world’s best coffees. They then ensure that every bean is perfectly roasted, packaged, brewed and served so that the ultimate flavour experience will be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of customers a day in Second Cup locations all across Canada.


Cappuccino Bars like this one provide customers with Second Cup’s traditional quality in non-traditional locations such as hospital lobbies, libraries and universities where they help to generate profits for these institutions.

This consistent dedication to quality is what makes Second Cup so successful! Second Cup is the largest specialty coffee retailer in Canada!

Expect to be part of a Franchise “Family”.
Second Cup is a Franchise Family that works together for mutual benefit and success. Management has established a participative communications network among franchisees through the Franchisee Advisory Council. It is comprised of elected franchisees who meet regularly with the Coffee Central management team. Working together through forums such as these, marketing and operational initiatives are adopted and endorsed and new strategies, often submitted by franchisees, are developed.

Expect to profit from our superior buying power.
There are many benefits to becoming a Second Cup franchisee. One of them is our tremendous buying power. This enables franchisees to purchase the world’s finest coffees, plus supplies and exclusive Second Cup merchandise at very attractive prices.

Expect to be part of a financially stable, dynamic North American organization.
Founded in Toronto in 1975, Second Cup is widely recognized and respected for financial strength and a results-oriented approach to business. The Company is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and is expanding in Canada.


Expect innovative products to sell.
Second Cup’s hot coffee beverages from The Europeans’ menu such as Caffé Latte and Moccaccino are top sellers. So are Second Cup’s taste-tempting “True Cool” drink like Italian Sodas and “Chiller TM” – which tastes like a frozen Cappuccino!

Expect to go to College!
Franchisees will attend Second Cup’s unique Coffee College TM where they will learn everything from making the perfect Caffé Latte, to how to hire the right staff, to learning more than they ever imagined about specialty coffees. In addition, there is an annual Second Cup Coffee Convention held in locations across North America. Here, franchisees sharpen their entrepreneurial skills by sharing experiences with peers and attending informative workshops and presentations from world-class speakers.

Expect a superior benefit package.
Second Cup offers excellent benefit coverage from franchisees including Life, Disability and Dental Insurance plus Extended Medical Coverage.


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